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Hoads Korkers Est. 1959, Kent

Korkers Postal Service
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Postal Service

We can now deliver our fresh sausages and sausage meat to any mainland UK address so you can enjoy our tasty products even if you don’t live in Kent! We have worked hard to research the best ways to safely send our fresh products and we wanted a solution that would be good for the environment too. After much testing we are pleased to be able to share the details with you here.
You can buy a mix of fresh Korker sausages, chipolatas, and sausage meat in small (8lb), medium (14lb) or large (20lb) pouch or case sizes. Our sausages are made fresh every Monday or Tuesday (dependant on a bank holiday), packaged then stored in a refrigerator, and collected by the courier the same day.

Keeping our products fresh in transit

Our products are packed with multiple ice packs to maintain the internal temperature between 0-8 degrees Celsius for up to 49 hours. We use Woolcool insulation to keep our products cool because it is reusable and biodegradable. Wool fibres absorb moisture from the air, minimizing humidity and condensation to maintain stable temperatures. Find out more about nature’s most amazing ‘smart fibres’.

choose from 3 different sizes

Products can be mixed and matched, but prices may vary, and the same sized box will still be used for shipping.

Small pouch

• 64 Korker sausages or

• 96 Korker chipolatas or

• 8lb Korker pork sausage meat

Medium pouch

• 112 Korker sausages or

• 168 Korker chipolatas or

• 14lb Korker pork sausage meat

Large case

• 160 Korker sausages or

• 240 Korker chipolatas or

• 20lb Korker pork sausage meat

korkers postal service

How to place an order

If you wish to place an order, please email us with the following:

• Your order requirement and quantity.

• Customer Name

• Customer Address

• Customer Email

• Customer Telephone Number

We will then confirm your order by sending you an invoice. Once payment has been received via BACS transfer or over the phone, the order will be shipped on the Monday or Tuesday of the following week, and you will receive confirmation from our courier once this has been booked in. If we receive your order after Monday, your order will not be shipped until the following week.

Korkers Postal Service
  • Praise for our

    Postal Service

    They arrived safely and are now in the freezer. Tomorrow morning, I will have them with my breakfast whist listening to Tony Blackburn’s Sound of the Sixties, early on Radio 2. Memories of my early teenage years at home in Maidstone where I lived on Kent Korkers and baked beans.



    Postal Service

    All fantastic, well packaged, delivered reasonably early. Best of all my wife loves the sausages too.

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