EST 1959 - Purveyors of fine sausages
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EST 1959 - Purveyors of fine sausages

Our story

Where did it all begin?

History of Korkers

Korker Sausages is a family business with a story full of passion and determination to succeed. It all started in a small butcher’s shop in the Kent village of Rolvenden. Jim Hoad originally rented a shop in 1959 from where he ran a successful butcher’s and game business. Due to the venture proving successful, Jim was then able to buy the shop two years later. Here, the original Korker Sausage was introduced following a recipe that had been in the Hoad family for four generations. The response from customers was so overwhelmingly popular that Jim decided to upscale and focus on the wholesale production of Korker Sausages. To this day, the factory remains located in the village of Rolvenden and continues to be a Hoad family business.

Jim Hoad learnt his trade whilst training as a butcher with Sainsbury’s in 1954.

Jim Hoad bought the butcher business from his godfather for £5 in August 1959. They had an agreement that they would pay off the business’s existing debt and in return, the previous business owners would assist with the day-to-day tasks. The business went from strength to strength and Jim stayed in the butcher’s shop for the next 12 years.

Due to a larger corporate business moving to the area, customer demand/needs changed, and Jim decided to produce sausages. Due to an increase in production, John Hoad became the company’s first distributor to deliver to retailers and customers in the local area.

Demand grew steadily and the Korker quality reputation spread to the point where they could no longer meet demand in the small butcher’s shop. In 1981, Jim decided to build a factory for wholesale production. The family empire was beginning to take shape with Jim’s children often helping Dad out at the factory in the holidays, learning the family business as mini-apprentices. This year, Jim’s son Robert started working in the business full-time in the new factory.

Jim’s son Ed joined the company. He has worked in every aspect of the organisation. His extensive knowledge and experience in the company will make him the perfect fit for his current role as Managing Director.

Due to high demand new products were introduced in 1989 such as sausage rolls, gluten-free, chilli sausages and burgers. These have grown the product range significantly and contributed to continued growth and success.

Jim retires and hands down the business to his children with Ed and Robert overseeing production and the daily running of the business.

2018 saw the rebrand of Korker Sausages but the now-famous pig remains centre stage. 2019 marked the 60th anniversary of Korkers but was sadly tainted by the passing of Jim in February.

With the business expanding further into the wholesale sector, it was decided to extend the existing factory building. The Planning Application was submitted.

With the Planning granted building began. Robert has taken a well-deserved retirement leaving Ed as managing director.

India (Ed’s daughter) joined the business and will be the third generation of the family to join, her role full-time is as Head of Sales and Marketing.

The completion of the factory extension was finally completed after three years.

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